Residence Hall Association
San Jose State University

the Apartments hall government

2017 - 2018




Christian Agbayani

Hi my name is Christian Agbayani. I am currently a second year electrical engineering major and President of the Apartments. You can catch me working at the CVA desk super late at night or extremely early in the morning. In my spare time, I love hunting for 5-star restaurants on Yelp and  making my own boba. 


Vice President 


Aly Chew

Hi, my name is Aly and I'm a second year Health Science major. I'm the Vice President of the Apartments and I love being involved in the community. I'm currently involved in five organizations and I enjoy helping others. When I'm not working on government activities you can find me reading, hanging out with friends, or walking around campus petting dogs.

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 Ciarra Dela Cruz

I want to make more for myself- to meet new people and create long lasting connections, further my own leadership and communication skills, and take any opportunity I can to make the best out of my college years. For me, college is more than getting a degree- it is important to also develop as a person. Getting more involved and reaching out to my community is how I plan to reach those goals.

I’m passionate about people and working with people, which is why I’m now a public health major! Helping people reach their true potential is a crucial component of becoming more empowered and happier and healthy individual. I strive is to help out however I can- and with animals too !! Part of my job includes working with reptiles and amphibians, and I enjoy the moments I am able to spend with them as well.

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Paramee Mint Duangsutha

Hello! My name is Mint like the candy!  
My full name is Paramee Duangsutha. I'm originally from Thailand. I'm a junior majoring in Business administration with a concentration in accounting information systems. My position is a treasurer in the Apartment Hall Goverment.. I keep tracks of money. It's fun. Yay!

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Berlinda Kuo

Hello everyone! My name is Berlinda. I am a junior Graphic Design major. I came from a small island called Taiwan. Our culture has been influenced by other cultures based on our history and background, so I grew up in a place that has enrich with cultures. Therefore, I loved to learn and experience all kinds of cultures in the world. That is also why I traveled across the Pacific Ocean to this diverse country.

In my leisure time, I like to travel and go on photo shoots with my friends. I believe that camera is magical because it can capture and record our memories, either happy or sad. And we can always enjoy our time looking at the pictures with our family and friends. This reason inspired me to join the hall government as a Historian because I want to record the moments that all residents spend while they enjoy their time in the residents halls.


Publicity Officer


Oscar Hernandez

I love being involved in the community, I believe that we must create change if we are not entirely satisfied with our society. I decided to join Hall Government because I like to be aware of everything that is going on in our community in addition to helping everyone feel welcomed. I am currently studying Aerospace Engineering in hopes to bring new technology that will help our society thrive along with helping our environment. I love being active whether it’s doing sports riding a bike or just walking around, I feel that exercise helps me relax and have a healthy body. I am very optimistic when I encounter a situation and I love it, I believe it’s one of my good qualities. During my spare time I enjoy reading motivational books as well as videos. I love learning about new cultures because it shows that not everything has to be done a certain way and that not everyone has the same beliefs. Lastly, I enjoy helping anyone with anything when I have the chance because I feel I’m contributing to the community.


Publicity Officer

Devin Porter

Hi, my name is Devin Porter. I am from Temecula, California and have lived my whole life in California. I love listening to music, hanging out with friends, going to raves & music festivals. I am an international business major, with a minor in event management. I find life worth-living when surrounded by your favorite people doing your favorites things. Making other people smile and laugh are my top priorities in life. Though hard work and planning is important, keeping the present in mind is a must for me. Enjoying the moments I have now with friends and family is so important to me. 

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Publicity Officer


Pilar Rodriguez

Hi my name is Pilar. I am a second year. During my free time, l like to read and hangout with my friends. Also, I work as a CVB Office Assistant. Feel free to come by the desk if you have any questions or to say hi.



Publicity Officer

Hanisha Dewan

I am most passionate about music, because for me, music dictates my life. I live to perform, sing and play the piano, and I end up finding music in every little thing I do. I'm currently a double major in International Business and Music - Piano Performance. I'm a proud bookworm, an extrovert who loves the sun and like to be a little creative in living my life! 

My goal is to make sure I love each day I live and travel the world as I go along. Don't be afraid to say hi if you see me around! :)




Publicity Officer

Sarita Sachsel

I always find that to truly learn and experience other cultures are through their food. It is the reason why I like trying new cuisines and spices through cooking and eating. Like life, we can never truly understand one another without going out there and experience the world through different lenses. An ability to read and understand others helps me to communicate with others. Social skills are as important as an abilities to be empathize with one another and be open mindness about our differences. Which led me to joined Hall Government as one of the Public Officer. I want to make a different in our residences life by creating a community that they can thrive in. To be there as a friend, as a mentor or as an outlet to heard their troubles is our purpose as a member of Hall Government.


Welcome to the Apartments Family!