I’m so sorry, this is long.. but ya’ll gotta do what ya gotta dooo /:

  • Candidates are NOT allowed to start campaigning until Saturday, August 31st at 12PM. Any posters/campaigning seen before that time may result in disqualification.

  • Candidates are allowed to post flyers and posters in the 1st-floor lobby area and the common areas on each floor. Flyers and Paper can not exceed a normal A4 paper size of 8.5in x 11in unless told otherwise.

  • Candidates can go door to door to speak with residents about the election and their candidacy but must do so with an RA.

  • Candidates may hand out flyers, or promote with buttons, but nothing can be slipped under residents’ doors.

  • If you need butcher paper and/or markers to campaign please ask your RA to take you to the CV2 CRL (the housing resource room) so that you can create your posters. If you cannot get a hold of your RA please let the RHA Executive Board know and they will try their best to take you to the CV2 Center for Residential Leadership (CRL).

  • Anything that will be hung up on the walls of the residential building must be hung up by blue painters tape.

  • No chalking is allowed on the sidewalk outside.

  • Bribery of any kind is not allowed and can be grounds for disqualification. Check with your respective Hall Government Advisor if you have any further questions.  

  • All candidates will be responsible for removing their signage after the final Election Day.

  • All postings MUST BE APPROPRIATE in language and content – if a poster is found to be inappropriate, you will be contacted by your Hall Government advisor and the posters must be taken down.

  • Any and all campaigning materials must be sent to Alex Fozo at to verify they are appropriate and allowed to be displayed.



  • Saturday, August 31st @ 12PM — Campaigning Begins!

  • Tuesday, September 3rd @ 8AM — Hall Government Voting Ballots go LIVE @

    • Please note that residents may ONLY vote for the building that they are a resident of.

  • Wednesday, September 4th @ 11:59PM — Campaigns End

    • Posters may still be hung up, however candidates may no longer go door-to-door or actively campaign for themselves in any other manner.

  • Saturday, September 7th @ 11:59PM — Voting CLOSES. All Campaigning Materials Must Be Taken Down By 11:59pm.

  • Sunday, September 8th @ 5PM — Results will be announced via email to all candidates pending the winning candidate's acceptance/denial of the position.