Brenda Le

Hi everyone! My name is Brenda Le, and I am currently serving as your 2018-2019 President of CV2. I was born in San Jose, California, but I grew up in Tracy and attended John C. Kimball High School. I am Vietnamese, and am majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. I enjoy taking naps, watching Netflix, and listening to music in my free time. Some of my favorite artists include Khalid, Rex Orange County, Daniel Caesar, and many more. I have a strong passion for leadership, and I can't wait to serve you all this year as your CV2 President!


Vice President

Elijah Franklin

I am from a city in Southern California called San Bernardino. I am currently majoring in physics. My future job after college is to end up teaching physics in high school and college. For fun, I love to take naps, go on adventures with my friends, and taking pictures. One of the biggest adjustments that I've had to make is being so far away from my family everyday. Science is my favorite subject because I love to know why things happen the way they do. I love to listen to Chance the Rapper, KYLE, Early 2000's music, and 70's music cause it reminds me of who I am. I also love watching comic book movies and tv shows like The Flash and Guardians of the Galaxy. I love hanging out with my friends and would love to explore Northern California with them. My fashion style is a mix of Chance the Rapper and KYLE because I feel its important to stand out if I believe I look good.



Analisa Fernandez



Nathan Vargas



Jamie Poon

Hello fellow residences from CV2! I’m from Hayward, California and I went to California Crosspoint Academy High School. My major is Electrical Engineering. I played volleyball and soccer all four years. I listen to all simp music, especially Neyo and Ed Sheeran of high school, and I play table tennis for USA national. I was raised and born in Hong Kong, so I can speak four languages. I have the passion of helping others and volunteering whenever I’m free, and I was a President for Interact club. My goal for this year is to capture all the amazing moment on every single event. I can’t wait to serve as a historian of the year I <3 CV2


Publicity Officer

Melanie Medina

Hey everyone! I'm from Tracy, California and I went to John C. Kimball High School. My major is Kinesiology, with the hopes of becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant in the future. Helping others is one of my passions, which is why I decided to join Hall Gov! I want to be able to make CV2 a welcoming and supporting environment for fellow first-year residents by planning/ promoting fun events! I listen to Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Common Kings, and more. I love to travel and taste new foods from each place that I visit. Some of my hobbies include going on food/ boba runs, going to the beach, sleeping, watching netflix, and working out. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for CV2 (:

Publicity Officer

Brianne Vanessa Badiola

Hello! I am from Yokosuka, Japan which is a small city about an hour away from Tokyo. I lived there for my entire life so this is my first time in San Jose, let alone the Bay Area. I am currently majoring in Kinesiology but plan to switch into Advertising or Graphic Design and hopefully minor in photography. My hobbies include taking photos, trying new boba shops, and thrifting! I am the biggest cheapskate. One of the hardest adjustments moving from home to college was definitely having to deal with culture shock. Japan and California are different in every aspect: social etiquette, transportation, food, etc. It was also exciting to eat at Chick Fil A, In n Out, and finally have good boba.