Residence Hall Association
San Jose State University

Campus Village 2

2017 - 2018




Carlos Garcia

I am from a city in San Diego CA called Chula Vista. I am majoring in forensic science with an emphasis in chemistry and I am trying to double major in chemistry. My dream job would be to work for the FBI or CIA as a forensic science technician. I like to read and take some photos on my spare time. I like to do some reading or trying to catch up on some sleep however you can never have enough sleep. One of my biggest adjustments would probably have to be getting used to not having any good Mexican food places around me, since I am from SoCal and I was in the south side of SoCal (Basically 5 minutes from the border) so we had really good Mexican food. My favorite subject is chemistry, it just really interests me how things work and how molecules make everything up. My favorite genre of music is Mexican music, like the Banda type, the type where you are simping at 4 am because you got hurt type of Mexican music. I’m into greys anatomy, good doctor, blind spot, breaking bad, designated survivor, Game of Thrones, Vikings, and House. I really want to skydive; however, I have a fear of heights, but I am slowly over coming this fear of heights. My fashions tend to include shorts since I am from SoCal, however since the weather is a little colder over here I just do some jeans a Hurley T-shirt and a jacket.


Vice President


Sequioa Jackson

I am from Oakland / Berkeley, California. My major is Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology. My dream job is being able to do what I love and actually enjoy doing it. I don't really have hobbies too much besides that I love to sleep, eat and watch movies. So far while I'm in SJ I'll spend majority of my free time with of my closest friends here. The biggest adjustment I've had to make while moving into college is knowing that I won't be able to go home everyday after school is over. Lunch is my favorite subject. It's never stressed me out. I don't particularly have a favorite genre of music so I listen to mostly all of it. I watch a lot of tv but the shows I enjoy watching are those with mystery of murder mystery. I don't have a bucket list. Usually I shop at F21, Pacsun, H&M, Tillys, Journeys, Hollister, Vans Store, and Lady Foot Locker.




Paul Chin

    I was born in Brooklyn, New York but was raised in Coconut Creek, Florida where I attended Monarch High School. I am undeclared but am working towards going into computer engineering. My dream job is to become CEO of Apple. My hobbies are working out, making drone videos, playing video games, hanging out with friends and going to social events. I like to relax in my room and take my day slow but sometimes i like to play video games. My biggest adjustment with moving to college was missing my family and adjusting to how things work in california because coming from the east coast there are a lot of major differences. My favorite subject is political theory because i love to know how people in politics think and look at the world. My favorite genre of music is hip hop and pop. I’m into scandal, supernatural, and game of thrones. I would like to hopefully finish traveling the world with my best friends and family. My fashion is really close to Scott Disick's style with a little bit of kanye, being simple but making a statement.





Erik Rangel

I am from a small town called Barstow, also known as the halfway point from L.A. to Vegas. I am a Biology major. My dream job is to become a Science teacher and then later teaching at the university level. My hobbies are reading books, watching Netflix, playing Tennis, and video games. In my free time I like to sleep and/or listen to music. My biggest adjustment has been trying to take care of myself and time management. It’s become common that I’ll forget to eat or not sleep enough. Time management is a struggle for me. My favorite subject is biology because I love to understand how the world works on small and large scales. I love all kinds of music except for heavy metal.  My favorite shows are Supernatural, American Horror Story, and Travelers. I personally don’t have a bucket list, but one thing I would definitely want to do in the future would be to travel to another country. My fashion is whatever is comfortable and clean, generally in the color black.




Hannah Chon

I’m from Orange County, CA.  More specifically Mission Viejo! I am majoring in Advertising, but was in Graphic Design for one semester.  I didn’t really like it. My dream job would be working for an ad agency in New York City, or running my own agency.  My hobbies include making art, spending time with my friends and sisters (Go Kappa Delta), and going to the gym. In my free time I love to spend money and facetiming friends from home. The biggest adjustment from home to college is being away from my dog. My favorite subject is history, because it has shaped how we live our days in present time, and history always repeats itself. I love all music, including country.  But my favorite has to be R&B. The shows that I have been watching are Mad Men, Shameless, The Sopranos, and Black Mirror.  But I have a guilty pleasure for the Real Housewives franchise, Gossip Girl, and The O.C. One thing on my bucket list is to swim from Alaska to Russia. My fashion is a mix of high fashion with my spin on it.


Publicity Officer

Hector Gonzalez

    I am a valley boy from Modesto, California. I attended Modesto High School, once a panther always a Panther. I technically a bio science major switching into Business with a concentration of Human Resources. My dream job is to work with Tesla and become a bigger part of the company. On my free time I love to simply relax! My hobbies consist of me working out and just going online and watch netflix shows. One adjustment I had moving into the dorms was leaving my personal space and my comfort zone. My favorite subject is math because there is a process in order to get your answer and a lot of resources for help! My favorite genre of music is Alternative, dance, R&B soul and hip hop. My number one artist is FLUME. I like watching Once Upon A Time, HTGAWM, and Jane the Virgin! One thing on my bucket list is to go skydiving and Hike Half Dome at Yosemite National Park. My fashion is more casual,jeans and a top and a sweater, with a little athleisure here and there.



Publicity Officer


Gracie Barajas

    I am from stockton Ca, born and raised and attended Lincoln High School home of the Trojans. I am majoring in sociology with a minor in forensics. My dream job is to become a forensic psychologist for the F.B.I. I have a passion for investigations. My hobbies are working out, napping, and being with friends. I don't really have free time but when I do, I like to catch up on my sleep and have me time.  My biggest adjustment with moving to college is learning how to make time for myself with college I’m so busy and everything is so fast paced that sometimes I forget to do the smallest things like eat. Self care is so important. My favorite subject is sociology because its interesting to see how society functions and how generations are formed. My favorite genre of music is 2000’s R&B I love the throwbacks. I’m into stranger things, greys anatomy, and criminal minds. I would like to hopefully one day travel to refugee camps in Jordan which lies in between Africa and Asia I’m interested in people’s stories and more importantly how I can be of help to those in need. I want to be able to get a feel for other cultures and exploring the refugee camps will make you appreciate life a little bit more. My fashion’s all over the place! Sweats, messy buns, and sweaters are pretty much everyone’s go to, But I like my riding boots, nikes, and uggs just as much



Publicity Officer

Publicity Officer

Adam Tostado

    I’m from Pasadena, California!  I attended Gabrielino High School in the San Gabriel Valley. I’m majoring in Business Administration Accounting. My dream job is to be a pilot for a major commercial airline. On my free time, I enjoy listening to music, going out to explore, and sleeping. The biggest adjustment for me probably has to be living on my own and managing my spending. My favorite subject has to be math because I like the challenge of solving difficult problems and learning new techniques to decipher them.  I love the difficulty of the subject, makes me feel accomplished when I do it. I love all types of music but my favorites genres are pop and rap. Shows I enjoy include The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill, Orange County, and New York,  Black Mirror, and Vanderpump Rules. Anything with drama! One thing on my bucket list is to go explore the countries in Europe for a couple of months and enjoy all it has to offer. I have a really casual, put together, matching look.  My darks with darks, lights with lights, usually wearing navy blue.  I love to bum it out too, especially during finals week.