We are beginning the elections process for the next Academic Year of 2019-2020. We looking to elect our full Executive Board:


  • President

  • Vice President of Leadership Development

  • Vice President of Admin & Finance

  • Vice President of Programming

  • Vice President of Marketing & Outreach


  • Room Compensation

  • Priority Registration

  • Paid Stipend

How to Apply:

You must submit a bid in PDF format to yissel.reyna@sjsu.edu March 1st, 2019 by 4:00PM. For examples of what a bid looks like, you can go SJSURHA.com under the elections tab. Attached below are the job descriptions of each position and what they entail.  

To be eligible you must:

  • Be in good judicial standing with the University

  • Have a 2.5 GPA

  • Submit a bid

  • Prepare a 5-minute presentation

What goes into a Bid?

Your bid must include the following items:

  • A cover page

  • A personal statement explaining why you should be elected

  • Time commitments for the 2018-2019 academic year

  • An updated resume

  • At least one recommendation letter

  • Be submitted in PDF format

  • Be a maximum of eight pages

What dates should you be aware of?

  • Bids are due March 1st at 4:00PM to yissel.reyna@sjsu.edu

  • You will present your Bid at the Council of Residential Affairs, consisting of all the Hall Government Members, on various dates in March.

Feel free to contact, yissel.reyna@sjsu.edu if you have any additional questions. Best of luck in this process, and remember to have fun with it!