Residence Hall Association
San Jose State University


October 2018

CVC had an eventful spooky season! For starters we had an RHA event of a Glow in the Dark pumpkin patch where we had music, painted pumpkins, took pictures in the photo booth and enjoyed popcorn and mini pies. Soon after, we had our first CVC led event. Haunted Halls was an event held in CVB where all four hall governments came together to give the residents a bit of a scare in case the spooky season wasn’t spooky enough. CVC got a chance to really collaborate and bring together a large variety of ideas to try to make the most of the event. 

Haunted Halls was our first active event which allowed us to be in a professional setting and realize who works well with one another. We did realized that certain members were the dream team when put together but also learned that as a Hall Government we work well together and are able to get a lot done when focused and listening to music. Alongside Haunted Halls, we also had safe trick or treat which was an event on Halloween day for elementary school students to have a safe environment to trick or treat in. The first floor of CVC was open to the students to come get candy alongside having multiple stands and activities in the CVB quad. 


September 2018

CVC Hall Government has been super excited to be elected and get the year started. We all have so many ideas and are so enthusiastic about the events we plan to put on. To kick off this years hall gov adventures, we took a retreat to Point Bonita, right across the Golden Gate Bridge where we had loads of fun bonding and getting to know one another. We made a short vlog to take you all along on our journey that we would love for you to watch. Starting our event planning, we came back to campus and started brainstorming ideas and figuring out our roles within hall gov and the best ways we work together to make the most of every event.

We had our first CRA meeting which was a sneak peek into the seriousness of hall government and the responsibilities that come along with the fun and games. At our second CRA, we had Chartwells come in and give a short presentation alongside answer any and all questions we had about the DC food and services. In this meeting, we were able to get in out from our amazing hall reps and discuss all our issues in a private meeting before taking it up to the next level.

We have our first hall rep from floor 2: Ayush Gagger

Hey everyone! My name is Ayush Gaggar and I’m a floor rep here at CVC! I'm a Mechanical Engineer but don't let my nerdiness fool you because in my spare time, I love to shoot hoops, vibe to music, or watch Friends! I became a floor rep because I want to get to know all of you and help turn the CVC community into a family. I’m super excited to make 2018 an awesome year for all of us! Spartan up 👌Fun Fact: I'm still 17 🤪 

So far we have a few big events coming up in collaboration with the apartments (CVA and CVB) alongside RHA events which we are a part of. We would love to not only have you come to the events but also to get to know us. We’re a happy but loud little bunch but we can be very friendly and we know a good time. We look forward to meeting all of you, until next time!


Ayush Gagger

Floor 2 Hall Representative

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