i.   Delegate to president’s council

ii. Delegate to Constitutional Review board

iii. Official building representative Chair person/coordinator for Hall Government meetings

iv. Deliver “hall reports” to RHA’s Council for Residential Affairs (CRA)

Vice President

i.   Delegate to the Leadership Committee

ii. Serve as chairperson in absence of president

iii. Serve as president in event of impeachment/resignation

iv. Become participant in the RHA judicial Branch

v. Work hand in hand with the President


i.  Maintain all agendas & minutes of the Hall Government

ii. Chairperson in the absence of both president and vice-president

iii. Produce & distribute minutes of the previous meeting

iv. Create and distribute a hall newsletter

i. Delegate to the Finance Committee

ii. Present annual budget

iii. Maintain all records of account for assigned Hall Government

iv. Co-sign for organization funds with advisor


i. Develop ideas for events that fulfill learning outcomes

ii. Delegate to the Programming Board

iii. Work with Marketing Officers on social media outlets

iv. Be creative!

Programming Officer

i. Take & maintain a photographic record of all organization events

ii. Delegate to Communication Committee

iii. Assist in photo album of the year

iv. Work with Programming Officers on social media outlets

Marketing Officer

(Hall Representatives do not receive the same benefits as other elected positions of Hall Government. This is a voluntary position.)

i. Liaisons to their floor residents for any questions, comments, concerns, issues, or suggestions

ii. Encouraged to take part in programming ideas for Hall Government or RHA

iii. Attend RHA’s Council for Residential Affairs (CRA)

Hall Representatives