San Jose State University






Jason Crudo 

Leadership is as an aspect that is a part of each of our lives. It revolves around our ability to influence those around us to work toward a specific goal. That goal could be as simple as finding something fun to do with your friends on a boring day, or as complicated as helping your company survive a bankruptcy. I am passionate about exploring my leadership opportunities and providing similar ones for others in my community. I am currently studying Business Entrepreneurship in hopes of starting my own business someday. Being involved in student leadership positions on campus has helped me learn how to work with members of my community. With my education and campus involvement, I hope to learn the skills necessary for building a successful business in the future.

This year, I plan to put my skills to the test! I hope to stay reasonably ahead of my academics and help carry out specific goals for the student organizations I am involved with.


Vice President of Leadership Development


Ashley Thomas-Williams

My passion is helping students achieve not only their personal goals, but things they would never image. As the first Vice President of Leadership and Development my goal is to give back all the knowledge I have and want others to have. I want to give students the opportunity to experience things they may not ever get the opportunity. Overall my plan is to be a graduating senior, but give back to the ones younger than me and mentally prepare myself for the future!

Personal Goal- Make money, save money and spend it on what I love to do!

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Vice President of Administration & Finance


Radhika Tiwari

There are 2 things I absolutely love: travel and finances. I love to travel, explore new places, new foods, cultures, and everything else. My biggest dream is to be able to live in (not just go on vacations) but actually live in different countries. As of now I have lived in 4 countries and hope to at least have lived in 8 someday. Contrary to popular choice, I love dealing finances and hence am super excited to be serving as the Vice President of Administration & Finance of the Residence Hall Association.

As I enter my last year of college, my goal is to fully live each and every day of this last year and leave college with the best memories!


Vice President of Marketing & Outreach


Binh Vo

My primary passions are people, technology, and art. I value personal interactions and relationships most in life. I grew up building computers so I throughly enjoy the logic and problem solving aspect. I appreciate art because it gives me a chance to be creative and provides an outlet for self expression. I pursue my dreams everyday by running my photography business, where I can continuously meet new people and work with technology to create beautiful imagery for my clients.

I often times mix work and play, forgetting to take care of myself. My goal is to be more productive by stepping up my scheduling efforts. I will also strive to eat healthier meals and get an adequate amount of sleep.


Vice President of Programming


Shamani Anongchanya

More recently I have been finding myself becoming more passionate about enjoying a balanced life. I have always been very passionate about creating opportunities for myself professionally and academically, whether that be through campus involvement, internships, etc. And that is something that I thoroughly enjoy and know that I will reap the benefits from. But I have realized that I need to have a better balance in life, and I plan on doing that by exploring, adventuring and traveling more often. 

I have a few goals that I have for myself this year. Academically I am striving for the President's Scholar Award. I hope to be given new opportunities within my focus field of Events and Hospitality. And lastly, I would like to go somewhere/ do something new at least once a month. 


National CommunicationsCoordinator


Matthew Chao

I am most passionate about making the most out of what I have. There is a saying "Polish the poop" which stands for being able to take a difficult situation and transforming into the best situation you can. My goal is to be a leader and mentor for others and is currently actively pursuing my dreams as a Peer Mentor and National Communications Coordinator. 

My goal this year is to be able to broaden my cultural awareness and travel abroad!


RHA Advisor


Katrina Pratts

I am most passionate about working with and helping students. I want to create a change within my sphere of influence and make others feel validated and appreciated in all that they do. I am actively pursuing this in my daily work as a Residential Life Coordinator. I try to remain student focused and keep their best interests at heart while being an advocate for them at all times. I love working with students on a daily basis and especially enjoy working with students through various leadership opportunities.

Goal this year - travel as much and as far as possible! Specifically going abroad.