Residence Hall Association
San Jose State University

The Classics

2017 - 2018




Quinn Larkin 

Hi! My name is Quinn Larkin. I love getting boba, eating tacos (from taco trucks) and studying last minute for quizzes and tests. If you see me around campus say what's up, I enjoy meeting new people!


Vice President 


Valerie Brunt

Hey everyone! I'm Valerie. I'm from San Fernando Valley and I'm a Scorpio. I love eating new food, traveling, going to concerts, getting boba, and sleeping. If you see me around campus say "wassup." Have a good year y'all!




Mayra Rodriguez

Hey, my name is Mayra, I spend the majority of my time with my friends! Attending San Jose is one of the best decisions I've made so far. In the future, I want to work at Oakland's Children's Hospital with children who have speech problems. My favorite show is Avatar: The Last Airbender, I've rewatched the entire show about 5 times! I am Mexican and I love listening to Banda, so if you want to go to a baile, I'm down to go!



Justin Lee

Hello my name is Justin Lee. I like playing video games. I also like to play the guitar. I play it at night at random times, so if you hear a guitar playing at night, it might be me. Other thing is I can solve a rubrics cube in a minute. And lastly I like long walks in the beach. A fun fact about me is that I didn't know I was Chinese until last year. 




Thomas Le

Hey everyone! I love bowling, exploring new foods and I'm really into cooking.I like experimenting with new foods I can attempt on making! I also like experimenting with my camera and just taking pictures. I'm really into EDM, I first listened it in middle school and it stuck with me ever since. I really like making people laugh (if I know you well enough) and I really enjoy laughing! A tv show that I like to watch currently is Full Metal Alchemist.


Publicity Officer


Madison Marchi

Hey everyone! My name is Madison Marchi and I'm from Pittsburg (no h). I'm a Scorpio. I love boba and going bowling. I really enjoy living in San Jose and I'm excited for the rest of my time here. I love making new friends so if you see me around feel free to say hi!


Publicity Officers 


Danielle Camegla

Hi my name is Danielle Camegla. I am Filipino & from the 209; Tracy, CA woooooo. Something I love to do is hang out & socialize with people. If you hear someone really loud, there's a slight chance that might be me, & I apologize in advance yikes (haha). I currently live in Joe West on the 5th floor so if you ever want to hang out with my floor or need someone to talk to , you know where to go! I look forward to seeing you all at the housing events hosted by your hall government. :)


Publicity Officer

Natalie Acosta

Hey everyone! I am Salvadorian and I come from a family of 6. I love napping and being at the beach! I also enjoy traveling to different places and being around my friends. One day I hope to be a Marketing Manager in Northern California. I love being in San Jose, I've met a lot of cool people and have gotten to know the city really well! I'm really enjoying my time here and I can't wait to see what the rest of the three years bring me. 

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Publicity Officer

Jennifer Jimenez

Hey, I’m Jennifer! My favorite movie is 50 First Dates. Fun fact about me is that if I drink expresso it will make me sick, but I drink it anyways haha. I will be spotted on a scooter around campus, so anyone feel free to say hey!